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Instructions for use of pressure cooker

(1) Before each use pressure cooker, carefully check whether the vent of the pressure limiting valve is unobtainable (toothpick can be used to clear), and keep the blocking cover clean;
(2) The pot can not be too full of food, generally should not exceed four-fifths of the pot height. For food that is easy to swell (such as kelp, mung beans, corn, etc.), should not exceed half of the pot body;
(3) When closing the lid, it is necessary to close the lid mark of the pot and the pot body, and buckle it completely. Stop in place immediately, do not pull too hard over the head;
(4) After the cover is heated, buckle the upper pressure valve cover when more steam is discharged from the pressure limiting vent;
(5) When the pressure limiting valve is working, turn down the fire and keep the pressure valve moving slightly;
(6) Before opening the cover, the pressure must be completely reduced, that is, after the valve core of the protection device drops and is reset, the cover can be opened. Do not forcibly pull the handle;

(7) The safe service life of general pressure cookers shall not exceed eight years.

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